Michael Tarp
News and Updates

December 2013

Mike has been cast as Johnny Ringo in Lionsgates upcoming The Hunt for Johnny Ringo. The film is slated for release in Spring of 2014.

May 2013

After a short break for studying, Mike is back at it and working on a new project - Treepot Cliffhanger (2013); A feature film where he plays the role of Malcolm. The first chapter is now available on YouTube!

January 2011

Fear of the Living Dead is now available for free viewing on YouTube.

March 2010

Mike has teamed-up with Randy Smith again, to tell the story of a regular Joe who gains super powers!

February 2010

After a successful big screen premiere in December, Fear of the Living Dead is now available on DVD and for online viewing. Pick up a DVD for only $10, or view online for as low as $2!

January 2010

Don't forget to catch Mike in action on Friday nights at 6:30 on "Family Biz".

October 2009

MIke has joined the team at Junkyard Animations and is working on a show called " Blown out of Proportion". He is writing episodes as well as doing voice work.

September 2009

"Fear of the Living Dead" is completed, and the trailer can be viewed on YouTube.

April 2009

While "Seeds" is still in production, Mike has just been cast as the lead in the upcoming short film "Fear of the Living Dead". The film is directed by Randy Smith (SFX assistant on Smash Cut) and is due out in 2009.

February 2009

Be sure to catch the series premiere of "Family Biz" at 6:30pm on YTV. Mike will be portraying a small but entertaining role as Eli's Buddy throughout the season. Catch the kids at Mac Mass High every Friday night.

January 2009

After a short break from filming "Family Biz", Mike has just been cast as the lead in "Seeds". Directed by Miles Finlayson ("Connections", "Smash Cut"), The film will be shot over this next year and is due out sometime in the fall.